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At the threshold of 40 years of activity, ITOP SpA Officine Ortopediche with passion and professionalism and dedication for his patients continues his mission “We research and develop tools for a better quality of life”. 150 qualified professionals combine daily their skills with responsibility sharing as the only goal of achieving “total quality”. With continuous investment in research and training we become excellence of national and foreign business and reference for MD and Patients. From central office it’s coordinated the CPO activities for assist patients to mesurement socket, test and delivery of devices, in the 15 filials dedicated to the commercialization of health items also.


The Laboratory is an open-space divided into 4 departments. Here we do design and produce custom orthopedic devices of any kind: innovative prosthesis, neuropsichiatric orthosis, corsets, custom-made footwear, pediatric orthosis, seating systems, etc. production systems conform to CE standards and certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Directly overlooking laboratory, there is a large Management area for manifacture control, which includes a room for meetings Techni- cal Teaching. 3 Biomedical engineers, 24 CPO, 33 techni- cal staff, to create and finish off with wisdom and love of detail, efficient and functional devices through high quality standards and High-tech tools and materials, continuous training of technical staff and the regular monitoring of the quality services, are a pride for all of us, as well as a concrete guarantee for users.

Mobility Aid

On -1 Floor is the MOBILITY AND WELFARE aid area. over 700 square meters of exposure, with the best of national and international market for traditional and innovative disabile aid. scooters, seating systems, autonomy acces- sories and disabile sports aids. Acceptance organized to assist the patient in a rational and descreet way.

The specialized staff is available with clients to select, test and customize wheelchairs, walkers, stabilizers, strollers, electric wheelchairs, 2 biomedical engineers, 7 CPO, technical staff and skilled mechanics to guarantee functionality in all activities, including Technical Assistance. Mobility & Welfare Entrance On the same floor a big store area and an efficient organization for product logistics and daily delivery.


On 1 Floor is the SERVICES area, which includes administrative, quality management office, the informatics area, marketing and graphics office, electronic storage, a library with several books about Orthosis-Prothesys industry, a spacious meeting room for students training and the Customer Care & Satisfaction service to improve the quality of services and products offered.

To better meet the employees and Patients needs there is also a Recreative zone for members and a Relax zone for our Patients with an equipped kitchen. In this way they can relax during their breaks. For children happiness we have a partnership with Sorrisiamo Clown Association.


among important news are Gait Analysis Laboratory where our engineers and CPO can study human motion, with important academic and clinical company and a gym for training in the use of prosthesis and orthosis for a better assistance. Rehabilitation, to find new real innovations to favor patients society reintegration.

It was extended “Research and Development” Area, where our engineers collaborate with most important IRCCS, University, Research Centres and Motor o Electronically Controlled Active Seating (S.A.C.E.) Gait Analysis Lab ITOP , constantly engaged in research projects has the authorship of several patents.

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